Bar Pro Bono AwardBar Pro Bono Award

2017 Nominees



Read the full Bar Pro Bono Award 2017 Nominations booklet here


Neil Allen

39 Essex Street Chambers and the Legal Advice Centre, University of Manchester

Neil Allen


“Not only does he donate his own time, his enthusiasm impacts on his teams outside of Making Space, who are inspired by him to donate their own time … He has no obligation to do so, and he expects no reward. However, we think he thoroughly deserves one.”

Making Space


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Kirsty Brimelow QC

Doughty Street Chambers and the Bar Human Rights Committee

Kirsty Brimelow QC


“During the period that Kirsty has carried out pro bono work for the Alliance for Lawyers at risk she has proved to be extremely reliable, highly efficient and highly compassionate, showing a genuine interest in supporting at risk Human Rights Defenders and a lot of dedication and commitment to the defence of human rights.”

Susi Bascon, Director at Peace Brigades International UK Section (PBI UK)


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Thomas Coghlin and Navid Pourghazi

Cloisters Chambers

Tom Coghlin and Navid Pourghazi


"In my 12 years at Cloisters, rarely have I seen two members at Cloisters who share Chambers’ deep commitment to pro bono work  like Tom and Navid.”

Dee Masters, Head of Employment Group at Cloisters



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Family Team

Garden Court Chambers

Family Team at GardenCourtChambers


 “I hold them in the highest regard. In the current climate of austerity and savage legal aid cuts, they offer a Rolls-Royce service to all our clients … We would be lost without them.”

Meena Patel, Development and Finance Manager at Southall Black Sisters


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Daisy Hughes

1 Garden Court

Daisy Hughes


“It is over and above the call of duty to expect any member of the Family Bar to do that pro bono.  I am extremely grateful to her.  Everything that could be said and done on behalf of M was said and done.”

The Hon. Mr Justice Moor


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Constance McDonnell

Serle Court

Constance McDonnell


 “Constance was empathetic and her input was invaluable … without the fantastic help of Constance, Brie, John Collins and Martin Oliver we would not have been able to take the case back to court and we are truly grateful for the assistance which was given pro bono.”

Heather & Nick Ilott


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Tanya Murshed

1MCB and Evolve

Tanya Murshed


In essence, and this is no blustery overstatement said with flippancy – a considerable number of people owe their lives to Tanya’s capacity for hard work and her ability to persuade a number of professionals to give up their time and commitment to helping death row prisoners in Uganda. Her work is the true essence of ‘pro bono’.”

Declan O’Callaghan, Landmark Chambers







Patrick O’Connor QC

Doughty Street Chambers

Patrick O'Connor


“I have no doubt that, in each of these cases, my clients would have been denied access to justice were it not for Paddy’s unstinting and unpaid efforts.”

Raju Bhatt, Bhatt Murphy Solicitors



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Jason Pobjoy

Blackstone Chambers

Jason Pobjoy


“Jason’s pro bono clients travel in the same metaphorical carriage as his paying ones: First Class. This manifests itself in attention to detail, responsiveness, imagination and powerful advocacy, in writing and orally.”

“Thirdly, there is his willingness to unhesitatingly take on pro bono work whenever the alternative might be an impediment of access to justice. I have yet to hear him say ‘no’ to a pro bono request, even when his customary ‘yes, absolutely’ will mean personal sacrifices. This is inspiring to anyone who works with him, including his colleagues at Blackstone.”

John Halford, Partner, Joint Head of Public Law and Human Rights, Bindmans LLP

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Mai-Ling Savage

Garden Court Chambers

Mai Ling Savage Photo


“As a small voluntary organisation we would not have been able to afford the cost and quality of the legal support Garden Court Chambers provides to our clients, had it not been for Mai-Ling's capacity to offer pro bono advice.”

Toks Okenyi, Head of UK Programmes and Operations at Forward


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Brie Stevens-Hoare QC

Hardwicke Chambers

Brie Stevens Hoare QC Photo


“If any of this sounds over the top, I can assure you that it is not. Indeed it is impossible to give a full assessment of Brie’s contribution to pro bono work as she continues to do so much of it without making any fuss or noise about it.”

P. J. Kirby QC, Joint Head of Hardwicke Chambers


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