My organisation needs help finding trustees

 Who are we?

As a charity, Bar in the Community aims to assist barristers, pupils and law students across England and Wales to find out about and take up volunteer posts within their local community. Their legal background and the many skills that come with this such as organisation, communication and advocacy are qualities which charitable organisations often value in the Management Committees. As such, we have a large database of barristers of varying seniority and students from a huge variety of backgrounds who are keen to commit to volunteer posts.


Our service is completely free to both the organisation and potential volunteer


How do we advertise your vacancy?

  • Online as can be seen here
  • Email - we contact our pre-registered volunteers regularly to inform them of new vacancies

  • Fairs and events - we have an active presence at various legal fairs both for students and professionals where we inform people of our scheme



If you are interested in registering with Bar in the Community, please complete the application form that can be found here as a word document and here as a pdf and send to

Once your application has been processed, we will create an advertisement for the post and it will be available to view on our website. We will then contact you directly if a barrister expresses an interest in applying for the post.

Please note

Although the vast majority of the positions available through Bar in the Community currently are for trustee vacancies we also have looked for mentors, individuals to take part in school and community projects and volunteers for mock trial competitions etc so if you feel that there is another way in which you could utilise the skills and knowledge of our volunteers please contact Natalia at to discuss how to take this further.